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Terms and conditions

General terms of use concerning the reservation of tickets/entry vouchers via the internet
  • Art.1 The website allows the customer, within the limits of the available places and those defined by the organisation, to order one or more tickets for the events listed on the website.
  • Art.2 The website allows the customer to order one or more places until the date defined by the organisation or until there are no tickets left.
  • Art.3 With the exception of clear indications, the reservation of tickets implies the acceptation of these terms.
  • Art.4 The administrator of the website aims to avoid any form of fraud or misleading information, and every form of discrimination concerning the access and the usage of the website. Concerning these terms, the organisation and the administrator decline all responsability if the customer does not make the payment as specified, or the customer provides wrong information (example, but not limited to: wrong E-mail address, wrong name, ...) at the time of ordering.
  • Art.5 The customer is, in every case, responsible for the execution of the payment and the information needed to do so.
  • Art.6 The price mentioned on the website at the time of checkout includes all taxes. The customer has to transfer the amount due to the organisation with the payment methods offered during the order process, and this withing 7 days following the order. When this payment occurs through immediate online payment (examples, but not limited to: VISA, MASTERCARD, ...), the customer grants the right to the administrator or his Partner(s) to execute the payment and transfer the amount due to the administrator or the organisation.
  • Art.7 Within 7 days of receipt of the payment, the customer will recieve his/her tickets by means of an E-mail containing unique links to the ordered tickets. The customer has to print these on A4 paper and guard these as if they were valuables. On request, the customer should present these at the event.
  • Art.8 Tickets are in no way refundable or exchangeable.
  • Art.9 By ordering through this website, the customer grants the right to the administrator and the organisation to send him updates about new offers on the website. The customer can, at any time, on request, demand to not recieve any more mailings or to see and/or update his information.
  • Art.10 In case one of these terms is considered null and void, the remaining articles keep their full meaning, including the remaining clauses of the null and void term.
  • Art.11 Complaints should be directed within 3 (three) days to the address mentioned in Art.13 by means of registered mail.
  • Art.12 In case of dispute, only the 'Rechtbanken van Koophandel' of Leuven are considered competent. The procedure shall occur in the Dutch language and only Belgian law is of application.